Mind vs Machine: Can AI replace the human touch in the copywriting industry?

AI and machine learning tools have recently burst into life in the field of copywriting, with many companies now using platforms such as Jasper.ai and OpenAI to generate multiple forms of written content, from product descriptions to blog posts. While this can be seen as a win for businesses looking to save time and money,Continue reading “Mind vs Machine: Can AI replace the human touch in the copywriting industry?”

The BEST Instagram strategy for 2022 

It’s been a while since Instagram announced that they were “no longer a photo-sharing app.” Since then, many users have gradually begun to see a drop in their engagement… and if you’re reading this, you probably have been too!  So what can be done to bring back that wonderfully encouraging engagement that you used toContinue reading “The BEST Instagram strategy for 2022 “

A Full-Screen Feed for Instagram…? 

Just when you thought Instagram couldn’t make any more changes … it did. Just a few months after announcing that Instagram will “no longer be a photo-sharing app”, head of the app Adam Mosseri has just released a video telling users that they may notice a change in their home feed as a new featureContinue reading “A Full-Screen Feed for Instagram…? “

12 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Content

If you’re a small business owner running your own social media accounts, you’ll know just how much time and planning goes into creating a content schedule. But did you know that one of the best things you can do for your social media calendar is to actually reuse and repurpose some of your already existingContinue reading “12 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Content”

6 Simple Tips for turning Followers into Fans

Everyone loves gaining a new Instagram follower. It’s great to know that your content has reached someone new and that it’s sparked their interest enough for them to hit that blue button. But how do you make sure that your new followers are going to actually interact with your content? And more importantly, how doContinue reading “6 Simple Tips for turning Followers into Fans”

5 Super Easy Tips for Writing a Killer Headline 

You’ve spent hours researching, writing and perfecting your latest blog post and it’s finally time to publish it. But how can you make sure that you grab people’s attention before they scroll right past your carefully crafted article?  Writing a strong, punchy headline is key to getting eyes on your content. You need to getContinue reading “5 Super Easy Tips for Writing a Killer Headline “

How Do I Create a Visually Appealing Instagram Feed?

Picture this: You’ve just discovered a new brand that you love and decide to look them up on Instagram. But upon loading their page you find a bunch of poor quality images, mismatching text and no real theme at all. Would you want to follow them and have more of this type of content litteringContinue reading “How Do I Create a Visually Appealing Instagram Feed?”

What is User-Generated Content and How Do I Use It on Social Media? 

You may well have seen the term user-generated content, or UGC, mentioned on various social media platforms. It’s actually very straightforward and, once you’re familiar with it, is great addition to your social media content plan, so here’s your handy guide on all things UGC.  What is it?  User-generated content is any content that hasContinue reading “What is User-Generated Content and How Do I Use It on Social Media? “

Your Guide to Instagram Reels 

Have you noticed Instagram looking a little different lately? Seeing fewer photos from your friends and more and more videos from creators filling up your screen? In June this year, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram is “no longer a photo sharing app”, and that going forward the platform will be focussing moreContinue reading “Your Guide to Instagram Reels “

How to Write the Perfect Instagram Caption

Ever found yourself typing, deleting and retyping your Instagram captions over and over again?  Sometimes after researching, planning and creating your content, the hardest part can actually be knowing what to say! Do you need to be funny? Should you write an essay or keep it brief? Do captions even matter?! (Hint – yes, theyContinue reading “How to Write the Perfect Instagram Caption”