6 Simple Tips for turning Followers into Fans

Everyone loves gaining a new Instagram follower. It’s great to know that your content has reached someone new and that it’s sparked their interest enough for them to hit that blue button. But how do you make sure that your new followers are going to actually interact with your content? And more importantly, how do you turn those followers into loyal supporters, fans or customers? 

Whether you are running an online boutique, creating unique artwork or you’re a musician looking to gain new listeners, here are 6 simple ways to encourage your followers to become loyal supporters that will eventually be willing to invest their time and money in your brand.

Connect on a Personal Level

Whatever it is that you’re promoting, it’s great to show the face behind your biz to make sure people can feel connected to you on a personal level. Showing up daily in your stories, posting behind-the-scenes footage or sharing some details of why you started your business is a great way to humanise your brand and become more of a friendly figure to your audience.

Give Back

If you want your followers to interact with your content, you need to give them a reason to! Spend a little time each day replying to any comments and DMs to make people feel like their opinions matter. Even just a simple “thank you!” can make someone feel appreciated, meaning they will be more likely to interact with you in the future. 

Create a Secret Language 

Using particular words or catchphrases on a regular basis with your fans can be a fun way to create what feels like a “secret language” that’s exclusive to you and your community. The band Real Friends uses their catchphrase “Wow, What a Great Day” regularly, both in their merch and their Instagram captions, and it’s quoted heavily by their fans, too. 

Be Authentic 

Once upon a time, Instagram was known as the platform for perfectly edited photos and beautifully planned out feeds. And while that is still partially true, more and more social media users are craving reality and authenticity. Yes, you still want to be posting high-quality, well-edited photos. But make sure that you stay real and relatable so that your followers see you as someone they can trust. Try opening up about a past struggle you’ve overcome, or share a fun “Instagram vs. Reality” post.

Express Your Gratitude

If your followers are supporting you by buying your products, listening to your music or sharing your posts, make sure that they know how grateful you are. Running a giveaway when you hit a big milestone or sending a DM to a follower who has been particularly helpful is a great way to show that the support you receive doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Create a Community

Above all, make sure that your most loyal fans don’t just feel like they’re numbers, but like they’re part of a community. Keep them up to date on new events, ask for their opinions using polls and question stickers and create new ways of building a buzz around your brand.

Followers are important, but fans are the ones who are really going to take you to the next level.

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