The BEST Instagram strategy for 2022 

It’s been a while since Instagram announced that they were “no longer a photo-sharing app.” Since then, many users have gradually begun to see a drop in their engagement… and if you’re reading this, you probably have been too! 

So what can be done to bring back that wonderfully encouraging engagement that you used to see on your Instagram page? 

The answer may be obvious…

Make Reels your key focus! 

Instagram has stated over and over again that they’re prioritising Reels, and many of their updates have been implemented to put Reels at the forefront of the app. So it makes complete sense that your time and energy are going to be best spent working on video content. 

Using a Reels-first strategy is beneficial for two reasons. Not only is your content more likely to be seen as it will be favoured by the algorithm, but showing up in video form is actually going to allow you to connect on a deeper level with your audience. In fact, a blog post by Later described how business owner Olivia Noceda shifted to posting Reels almost exclusively and saw her page bloom, gaining followers in huge numbers and enjoying more interaction from her audience than ever before. 

Focusing on Reels doesn’t mean that you need to stop posting static content altogether. If you have a beautiful image that you think would look great on your feed, or a hilarious candid shot that’s just too good not to share, go ahead! But if you have important information to update your followers with or want to share something that you think would be valuable to your audience, try and think of ways that you could present that information in video format. It could be as simple as a ten-second close-up video of a new piece of merch, or a text announcement overlaid onto some beautiful stock footage. 

So now you’ve decided to focus on making Reels, how can you ensure that the Reels you create are going to resonate with your audience and capture their attention? 

Here are some tips: 

  • Create an engaging hook or tease something intriguing in the first 2-3 seconds. Many Instagram users will be scrolling absent-mindedly, so you need to make sure that your video stops them in their tracks before they swipe right past you
  • Create videos that are likely to be watched all the way through, as watch time is a huge factor when it comes to which videos are going to be pushed out by the algorithm. Shorter videos below 15 seconds are best for this, as are videos that require the viewer’s full attention all the way through. Try using interesting camera angles and smooth transitions, and make sure your delivery is exciting and dynamic
  • Try out trends… but in a unique way. If you can put an interesting spin on something that everything else is doing, you’re going to stand out 
  • Use captions so that users can tell what the video is about even if they are watching with the volume down
  • Don’t always focus on going viral. Your followers will be able to see that what you’re posting is forced as your content will lose its authenticity. Post videos that you enjoy making and that you genuinely think your followers would enjoy. That way, you’re going to see much better results as people will be able to truly connect with you
  • Save trending audios and think about ways you could make them work for your brand
  • Take a look at what successful creators in your niche are doing. What do their Reels have in common? Are they using particular tricks that you could implement in your own unique way? 

Dealing with the constant changes that Instagram is throwing at us can be difficult, and at times, a little stressful. But if you can learn how to adapt and make the changes work for you, you could actually end up seeing better results than ever before. 

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