12 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Content

If you’re a small business owner running your own social media accounts, you’ll know just how much time and planning goes into creating a content schedule. But did you know that one of the best things you can do for your social media calendar is to actually reuse and repurpose some of your already existing content? 

What is repurposing? 

Repurposing means taking material from old pieces of content and presenting them in a completely new way. For example, you could take information from a blog post and recreate it as an Instagram graphic. 

Why is repurposing beneficial?

There are several reasons why repurposing content is a great thing to do.

First and foremost, it’s going to save you huge amounts of time and effort. Constantly having to come up with new content ideas can be time-consuming and, quite frankly, exhausting. If you can create a new piece of content from something you’ve already researched, that’s one thing less thing you need to think about. 

Another perk of repurposing is that it will give your content the opportunity to reach new eyes. For example, you may have shared a static post about a particular subject that performed pretty well. But taking that same information and packaging it into a short video will target users who prefer video content – which could mean a whole new audience for that one post! 

Ever heard of the Rule of 7? This rule states that it takes SEVEN interactions with a particular brand or piece of advertising before the message sinks in and a purchase takes place. So the more times you share the same information in different ways (within reason, of course – you don’t want to bore your followers with the same thing over and over again!) the more likely people are going to remember seeing it. 

So now you know how repurposing is going to help you, here are some really simple ways to turn one topic into a whole host of different content pieces for your social media platforms:

Repurposing Blogs

1) Share an interesting or powerful quote from your blog as an Instagram graphic to turn your written content into visual content

2) Share a statistic from your blog as an infographic, for example, a graph in your brand colours showing how a trend has changed over time

3) Summarise your blog with a few key bullet points in your next newsletter. You could also share just a short section of it, encouraging your audience to check out the full blog post for more information

4) Share a headline, quote or statistic from your blog as a tweet, or reuse the main points from your blog as a Twitter thread

5) Create an Instagram carousel from the main takeaways in your blog (carousel posts can be used on LinkedIn, too!)

6) If you’ve written a blog about a specific topic that you’d like to discuss in more detail, you could schedule a live stream to talk to your followers directly, answering any questions they may have

Top tip – pretty much all of these apply to podcasts, too! Taking the best lines from your podcast and sharing as visual content is a great way to promote your latest episode or get inspiration for new content when you’re struggling for ideas.  

Repurposing Instagram Posts

1) Use your analytics to find your best performing Instagram posts and repurpose the information in them as a short Reel

2) Use an Instagram carousel as inspiration for a blog post. If you’ve made a carousel containing several tips, let’s say “Six easy ways to boost your Instagram engagement”, you’ve already got the perfect topic for your next blog! Simply explain each point in more detail, providing examples and some powerful SEO, and you’re good to go

3) Share your Instagram post to your story, adding polls/question stickers where possible to boost engagement 

Repurposing Video Content

1) Snip up a longer video, such as a webinar, into short chunks and share these smaller sections as individual posts. Adding captions is a great way to increase viewers as it will target users who are scrolling social media with the volume down, too

2) Share a question asked during a live stream as an “FAQ” type Instagram post

3) Take the best bits from a YouTube vlog or video and share it as a short Reel with a voiceover narration  

The more you can think outside the box when it comes to repackaging your content, the more creative you’re going to get, and soon enough you’ll find that building your content calendar for the month becomes a whole lot easier.

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