A Full-Screen Feed for Instagram…? 

Just when you thought Instagram couldn’t make any more changes … it did.

Just a few months after announcing that Instagram will “no longer be a photo-sharing app”, head of the app Adam Mosseri has just released a video telling users that they may notice a change in their home feed as a new feature is tested out. 

For users with the latest update, each post on the home feed will now take up the whole screen in an attempt to create a more “immersive experience” for Instagram users. The home feed will also feature more Reels and suggested content, with video being highly prioritised.

Why is this happening? 

As you may well be aware, many of the changes we have seen to Instagram over the past couple of years have largely been due to the competition from the popular video-sharing app TikTok. Due to the ease of growing a following and the high demand for short-form video, users have flocked to the app leaving Instagram struggling to keep up. 

What’s the feedback been like so far? 

After the post was released on Twitter, many users have commented their thoughts on the new update – and so far, it’s not looking hugely positive. 

Many of the distressed comments have stated that the update has “ruined the app”, particularly for those whose businesses rely on sharing beautiful images, such as painters and photographers. 

One user tweeted “IG is for pictures. That is why we all use it! We don’t need another tiktok – stop this mess PLS!!”

Others have mentioned how the new layout makes it difficult to even see content, such as one upset user who said “Let me out of the test!! There’s an ugly grey fade over every post, I can’t read captions anymore, text is placed over pictures.”

As the update is still very new and only in the testing phase, these are all things that may be taken into account by Instagram, and should the new layout be here to stay, there will likely need to be several changes made before they get it right.

How can I make it work for me? 

Undeniably, this is a huge change… but don’t despair. Since vertical content is going to be prioritised, it seems like the best way forward will be to focus on creating content with a 9:16 aspect ratio to take up the entire screen. This means continuing to use Reels, of course, which are Instagram’s main priority, and posting images in the same 9:16 ratio to help give them a place in the home feed. 

Have you received this update yet? We’d love to know about your experience!

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