Your Daily Instagram Checklist

If you’re a business or creator looking to grow your brand on Instagram, you’ve probably realised by now that it’s a lot easier said than done. Maintaining audience engagement, following trends and keeping up with ever-changing algorithms can be exhausting, and it’s easy to waste a lot of time aimlessly scrolling and refreshing the appContinue reading “Your Daily Instagram Checklist”

What Are Content Pillars and How Do I Use Them?

Creating social media content, coming up with new ideas and getting everything scheduled and organised ahead of time is already difficult enough when you’re running a business. But on top of that, you keep coming across new terms that you’ve never heard of before… and it can be hard to keep up!  While it canContinue reading “What Are Content Pillars and How Do I Use Them?”

Starting a Portfolio Career: My Experience

Like a lot of people, I entered 2020 with a good feeling that it was going to be My Year. And it started out great. I was living in London with my best friend, I had two jobs, a great social life and I had just been invited out to Nashville to promote a tourContinue reading “Starting a Portfolio Career: My Experience”